Mayhems Ultra Pure H2O - 5 litre

Mayhems - PC Coolant - Ultra Pure H2O - High Purity, Low Electrical Conductivity, 5 Litre



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Mayhems - PC Coolant - Ultra Pure H2O - High Purity, Low Electrical Conductivity, 5 Litre

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  • Ultra pure H2O produced to the highest standards
  • Combines perfectly with Mayhems coolant concentrates
  • Manufactured using food safe bottles to prevent leaching
  • Goes through a rigerous, high quality filtering process
  • Electrical conductivity mark of less than 0.05 μS on average
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Mayhems Ultra Pure H2O

Our Ultra Pure H20 is the cleanest, most pure water cooling fluid developed specifically with liquid- cooled PCs in mind. Our Ultra Pure H20 has an electrical conductivity mark of less than 0.05μS or approx 0.05 PPM at source. The liquid goes though more processes than any other cooling manufacturer on the planet. In addition to this we guarantee that the consumer will not get any better than our Ultra Pure H20.


Every drop of our liquid is tested, erstwhile going through the process and if the reading ever goes above 1ppm, then the liquid is rejected and never used. We also use food safe bottles so that there is far less leaking of plastic into the bottle. This gives the end user the knowledge that everything in our power has been done to be able to deliver the perfect liquids for any water cooling loop. There is no other water cooling liquid on the market as pure as Mayhems Ultra Pure H20.

Process of Mayhems Ultra Pure H2O

  1. Distilled
  2. 80 PSI diaphragm pump
  3. 10 Micron filter
  4. 5 Micron filter
  5. 1 Micron filter
  6. Post carbon block 10 micron
  7. Post carbon filter 5 to 1 micron block
  8. 3 x RO filters
  9. 4 x DI polishing filters
  10. 1 Ultra violet high volume filter


This means Mayhems Ultra Pure H20 goes though 14 differing filters (10 of which we can disclose) to achieve its goal of being the best liquid for water cooled PCs bar none. We even use our Ultra Pure water when making our Pre-Mixed liquids. Our quality controls are so high that for every 1 Litre of Mayhems Ultra Pure Water made over 8 Litres is rejected.

Advantages of Mayhems Ultra Pure Water

- Guaranteed high QC controlled liquid

- The best non-conductive liquid for liquid cooled PCs available to the end user

- More than 99.999% impurities removed from the water

- Food-safe bottles used

- Long storage times if kept in a cool dark environment away from direct sun light @ 20c for up to 2 years

- Electrical conductivity mark of less than 0.05 μS or approx 0.05 PPM at source

- 1 Litre bottles come with a Child Safety Cap fitted as standard and 5 Litre bottles come in a sealed drum with markers on the side per Litre

- Manufactured and produced totally in the UK


- Mayhems Ultra Water is food safe, human safe and animal safe, however we do not recommend that you attempt to consume our liquids as they have been specially made for water cooled PCs.

- Mayhems Ultra Pure H20 has been tested with Sea Monkeys and Triops and has show to help aid in them growing rapidly. Add Mayhems Ultra Pure H20 then add additives that come with the growing packs and leave 24 Hours, then add the sea monkey or triops and watch them rapidly grow.

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Coolant Type Purified Water
Volume 5000 ml
Shelf Life 2 Years