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OEM Services


Mayhems Solutions Limited already manufacture products for many of the big players in the PC Water Cooling Industry under their own brands.


Products we specialise at OEMing include:


  • Cooling Fluids (Traditional Glycol Based, Unique Enviromentally Friendly Formulations, Special Effects Versions, and Immersion Cooling Fluids)
  • Tubing (Flexible PVC & Hardline Glass, Acrylic, PETG)


Reasons to choose Mayhems Solutions Limited for your OEM project include:


  • Extremely Competitive Pricing
  • The Highest Levels of Quality Control
  • Unique customisation of your product that help you differentiation yourselves from competition in the industry
  • Privacy and discretion. We take extra precautions to make sure no one knows we are your OEM including signing NDA's


If you are interested in either of the below then contact us today.


  • Creating a new OEM Product for your brand
  • Switiching an existing OEM product to us for better pricing and quality levels








OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing)