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Overview of Mayhems Coolant Ranges

Mayhems Ultra Pure H2O


Mayhems Ultra Pure H2O is pure water produced in house using our Reverse Osmosis machines. Reasons to choose;

  • For any reason you want pure water with no additives.
  • You are going to add your own corrosion and biological inhibitors. (Mayhems inhibitor+ and hades+ sold separately)
  • You have bought one of our concentrate products and need pure water to dilute it down.


Mayhems XT-1


Mayhems XT-1 range is a traditional glycol based coolant. Key features;

  • Our most affordable ready to use coolant.
  • The best Thermal Cooling Performance of our standard liquid ranges.
  • Longest Operational Lifetime of our standard ranges (excludes nano coolants)


Mayhems X1 Eco


Mayhems X1 Eco uses an advanced environmentally friendly formulation that is non toxic. Key features;

  • Our most environmentally friendly coolant.
  • Non-Toxic and fully biodegradable.
  • Same Bright Colours as found on our XT-1 range.


Mayhems Pastel Nano (Coming Soon)


Mayhems Pastel Nano is the successor to our original Pastel Coolant. It combines the unique solid colour effect of Pastel with advanced nano technology. Key features;

  • The premium solid colour effect originally introduced to the industry by our Pastel Coolant.
  • Nano particles that allow thermal cooling performance beyond what is possible with traditional coolants.
  • Nano particles are naturally biocidal. Potentially allowing the coolant to last forever. (Biological growth is usually what limits coolant operational lifetime)


Mayhems XTR (Temporarily Discontinued)


Mayhems XTR takes the nano technology created for our new Pastel Nano and takes it to the most advanced level possible. Key features;

  • Unique semi transparent colour effect. (The nano particles are so small they become transparent to visible light).
  • The best possible thermal and operational performance available from any of our coolants.


Mayhems Aurora (Temporarily Discontinued)


A special effects coolant that uses pearlescent flakes to create a unique effect that shows liquid motion. Show coolant only. Key features;

  • You are an industry member and want a unique fluid to show off your PC systems at trade shows and events.
  • You don't mind using a product that is not intended for long term use.




We have included this handy table to help you make your purchasing decisions. Please note, all figures except shelf life are informal guidance and not guaranteed.


Product Thermal Rating* Environmental Rating* Guaranteed Shelf Life* Operational Lifetime* Key Features
Mayhems H2O N/A N/A 2 Year N/A Pure H2O. Requires Additional Additives!
Mayhems XT-1 4/5 4/5 3 Years 2 Years Great All-rounder. Lowest Price
Mayhems X1 Eco 3/5 5/5 2 Years 1 Year Super Environmentally  Friendly
Mayhems Pastel Nano 5/5 3/5 2 Years Currently Unknown Premium Colour Effect. Nano Tech
Mayhems XTR 5/5 3/5 2 Years Currently Unknown Our most Advanced Nano Tech
Mayhems Aurora 2/5 3/5 1 Years 6 Weeks Show Coolant. Unique Effect


Guaranteed Shelf Life: The shelf life begins when the product is manufactured. This figure is only our guarantee period, it does not mean the coolant can't be stored longer.

Operational Lifetime: Starts when either the bottle is opened or the shelf life runs out. Estimate. Your actual results will vary and depend on the conditions in which you use the product.

Thermal Rating: Estimate of relative thermal performance of our various coolants. Numbers are arbitrary and only to be used for comparison purposes.

Environmental Rating: Estimate of relative environmental impact of our various coolants. Numbers are arbitrary and only to be used for comparison purposes.

Coolant Range Overview