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About us

We are both part of the liquid cooling community and have been for an untold number of years, and we believe that our products reflect the enthusiasm that we have for our end users and their projects.

All our products are designed and managed from start to finish, using only the best base materials available, and all done in house. This means we have complete control over quality and choice available. Research and development are all done within the company and nothing is released until it has gone through an extensive test, sometimes over long periods of time.

One thing we try very hard to obtain is our customer satisfaction. The support we give runs through our distributors, resellers, top liquid cooling enthusiasts and right down to the individual that has just dipped his toes into this fascinating world of colour. No longer for the professional user, it has opened up to everyone, and with our help and support anyone can have a go.

With our Aurora, Pastel and X1 ranges and dyes any colour combination can be created, the only limit is your imagination. The same can be said of the future development of new products which we are continuously working on to provide new ideas in our community, and to keep pace with the ever changing technology we use.

Feedback is always welcome as it helps to refine our products and maintain the high quality we strive to achieve.