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Carbon Fiber Product Guidance

Why Should I Choose Carbon Fiber Tubing?

Other than giving your system a unique and visually stunning aesthetic, why should you choose carbon fiber tubing? The answer to this is a bunch of beneficial properties that make it a brilliant material for use in water-cooling systems as well as many other practical uses. We go through a few of them below:


High Strength to Weight Ratio: Stronger than other water-cooled hard tubing types but with less weight. Perfect for a portable water-cooled gaming pc.

High tensile strength: Can withstand a large load or physical stress without fracturing.

High stiffness: Will resist change in shape due to physical force or pressure.

Chemical resistant: Can withstand harsh working environments.

Low thermal expansion: Prevents leaks from your system fittings due to expansion and contraction from temperature changes.

Low water permeability: Prevents leaks and water from evaporating from your system meaning top-ups aren’t as frequent.

How to Cut and Shape

Carbon tubing has some unique requirements with regards to cutting and shaping.

We highly recommend cutting with a fine-toothed blade to reduce any splintering of the carbon fibers. Cut slightly wide of your mark and finish with abrasive paper. You can start with a low grit paper to get down to your mark but finish with a high grit paper (120 or higher) to get a better result.



Use masking tape or similar on or next to your mark to reduce splintering.

Initially make a shallow cut all the way around the tube turning as you go to cut through the top layers of fibers.

Cut from the top of the tube down and turn as you’re cutting so you’re always cutting from the top.

Safety Precautions

- Fine dust particles can cause skin irritation, we recommend wearing gloves. Wash off dust on the skin with cold water.

- Safety glasses or goggles should be worn when cutting carbon fiber.

- Fine dust particles can be inhaled and cause lung irritation. Wear a mask (P1 or higher).

- Work in a well-ventilated area.

- Cut carbon fiber edges can be sharp until finished properly, take care when handling.

- Carbon fiber dust can be electrically conductive. Take care if using power tools to cut.

Carbon Fiber Product Guidance