Mayhems Non Stain Coolant Dye - Green 15ml

Mayhems Non Stain Coolant Dye - Green 15ml


Mayhems Non Stain Coolant Dye - Green 15ml

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Mayhems Non-Stain Coolant Dye - Green - 15ml

Mayhems non staining dyes reduce or eliminate staining on most hard surfaces, skin, fabrics and equipment that is non-porous, but does not include flexible tubing. These new Mayhems non-stain dyes have a wide pH stability scope and can be used in liquid cooled PC's and coolants. They should keep their colour longer than any normal high quality dye.


All Mayhems Non Stain dyes can be mixed with each other to create a much wider range of colours. Mayhems non stain dyes can be also be used with Pastel, Aurora. X1, XT1.


  1.  Clean water-cooling loop before use
  2. Fill water cooling loop with cooling fluid
  3. Add the dye one drop at a time and let it circulate around the water-cooling loop
  4. Check the consistency and add more as necessary

Please Note:

- To keep the nonstaining abilty it must be mixed with Ultra Pure H20, Pastel Ice White, X1 clear or XT-1 clear only. Mixing Nonstaining dyes with any premixed coloured coolants will result in a staining product.

- Mayhems non stain dyes contain an inhibitor that is compatible with Mayhems current range of products (X1, XT1, Pastel, Aurora). They have not been tested on any other manufactured fluids.

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